Driver ID. identify the accountable person thru a RFiD Tag to:

  • Control the access to the vehicles, watercraft, truck…
  • Report the activities performed by a vehicle with that specific driver.
  • Enable engine start.

Geofencing no limits. Draws endless areas on the maps according to your business needs, to mark the passage of the vehicle, watercraft or the people in a specific geographic zone. Alerts can be sent upon entering, leaving the fenced zone or if vehicles or watercraft were taken away from the designated areas. They can be identified and created by:

  • Code (your preferred reference)
  • Description
  • Shape (round or polygonal)
  • Colour

POI. Point Of Interest specific to your business can be highlighted into the map to increase level of intelligence. They can be identified and set by:

  • Position (latitude and longitude)
  • Address
  • Code (your preferred reference)
  • Description (name, …..)
  • Type (supplier, customer, …..)
  • Icon (customizable with your preferred picture)
  • Group (POIs can be grouped according to your need to see them or for statistics)
  • Temporary POI can be set as well.

Dynamic Ties Control. Asset and People can be tied to others to control if they detach. A dynamic geofence can be set around the main asset or people. Alerts can be sent if the secondary asset tied to the main one is passing the dynamic fence. For example a Yacht (main) equipped with JetSki or tender  (secondary).

Multilayer management map. It allows to see layers one on top of the others to to maximize the level of intelligence, optimizing routes, vehicle mileage, time and fuel consumption:

  • Fenced zones.
  • POIs
  • Asset position with time or I/O status filter,
  • Path with time or I/O status filter,
  • Alarms

Theft recovery. In the unfortunate event the asset is stolen, you will be able to locate it quickly and to report its location to the authorities.

Immobilizer. Inhibit engine start by remote in case the target is not returned, it is moving off-hours or if a target is where it should not be.

Multiple text message user alerts, no limits.

Multiple email user alerts, no limits.