Watercraft Ecosystem

DOTMobile Watercraft Ecosystem by Dotando, is a Multifunction and Multipurpose Ecosystem to track, secure, control, proactive maintain and manage Canoes, Dinghies, Kayaks, JetSkis, Waverunners, RIBs, Jetboats, Skiboats, Bownders, Runabout, Sportfisher, Trailers, Catamarans, Boats or Yachts, Hikers and Mobile Workforce in a single environment and interface

DOTMobile Watercraft Ecosystem is comprehensive of all you need:

Digital Services, cost-effective, flexible and scalable Digital Services for your asset, which differs by functionalities required and are inclusive of global connectivity. They are upgradeable in case more functionalities are required at a later stage. Available with both cost-effective yearly Plan or top flexible PayPerUse Start&Stop to encounter any time related needs: on demand, seasonal or continuative use


Watercraft Tracking: Top performance GPS Tracking, Locate, Track, Alarm and Immobilize

Watercraft Tracking Plus: as Tracking, with additional Multiple I/O sensor control, Dynamic Ties Control, Complete Reporting

Watercraft Multifunction:  as Tracking Plus, with additional Proactive Maintenance and Assignment modules



Watercraft NMEA2000: enhances on board and remote monitoring by recording any data and metrics available thru NMEA2000 network, simplify data intelligence with the innovative Visual Replay to visualize the dashboard timeline of data and events

Download DOTMobile Watercraft NMEA2000 PDF brochure




Devices and Accessories, a full solution of hardware to be wired or portable, and accessories select to fulfill specific requirements based on vessel type and functionality required. A portable version is available too for canoes, dinghies, kayaks, bicycle, motorbikes, ATVs, hikers and by allowing you or your customers to notify their positions and ask for help with SOS button and ManDown alerts.

Operational App. Simple, scalable and cost-effective Operational Apps to keep field workforce engaged with their works at all times and finally streamlining operations to increase efficiency

DOTMobile Watercraft Ecosystem enables a constantly evolving relationship in which Owners, Clubs, Charter and Rental Companies, Management and Service Providers, Manufacturers, to create real value, by interacting with their surroundings along the entire value chain

Download DOTMobile Watercraft Ecosystem PDF brochure