Watercraft Ecosystem

DOTMobile Watercraft Ecosystem, is the unique, scalable platform from Dotando to deliver cost-effective, tailored TRACKING, MONITORING and PRO-ACTIVE MANAGEMENT solutions for both Single and mixed Fleet applications. Multiple device offer to address all type of watercraft, equipment, standard and NMEA2000 sensors, hikers and workers.

DOTMobile Watercraft Ecosystem makes available 3 affordable and scalable solutions tailored for your specific needs, based on easy to install devices and either the cost-effective yearly PLAN for continuative use or the top flexile PAYperUSE for on demand use, with neither termination, disuse fees nor yearly agreement! By Dotando Inc.

Stand MIBSWatercraft Tracking: the unique Top performance GPS Tracking solution to better control and safeguard single or unlimited, mixed fleet  of seabob, canoes, jetskis, ribs, boats, yachts from one dashboard

Watercraft Monitoring: as Tracking, plus a top configurable and scalable monitoring solution.with Multiple, configurable I/O sensor control, configurable command and alert by remote and complete reporting and dashboard

Watercraft Pro-Active Management: offers all functionalities of the Ecosystem including the Pro-active Management and Assignment modules

Watercraft Pro-Active Management NMEA2000: enhances on board and remote monitoring by recording any data and metrics available thru NMEA2000 network, simplify data intelligence with the innovative Visual Replay to visualize the dashboard timeline of data and events

Download DOTMobile Watercraft NMEA2000 PDF brochure

Operational App. Simple, scalable and cost-effective Operational Apps to keep field workforce engaged with their works at all times and finally streamlining operations to increase efficiency

DOTMobile Watercraft Ecosystem enables a constantly evolving relationship in which Owners, Clubs, Charter and Rental Companies, Management and Service Providers, Manufacturers, to create real value, by interacting with their surroundings along the entire value chain

Download DOTMobile Watercraft Ecosystem PDF brochure