The DOTMobile platform is the unique, multifunction, multipurpose tool to build tailored digital ecosystems to better protect and manage assets, improve the business and life of people.

DOTMobile digital ecosystems connect each players, manufacturers, dealers, service and management companies, customers to things and people and automatically collate data a about the position, who, when, how, and the what and deliver predictive analytics.




Interfaceable and Multiprotocol.

Cloud based automatic data recording.

Accurate data and analytics.


Multifunction. DOTMobile combines tracking, monitoring and pro-active management functionalities in a single environment and interface.

MultipurposeDOTMobile, makes finally possible to secure, control and manage in a single environment and interface any type of things – jetski, boats, yachts, vehicles, trucks, tractors, snowplows, salt spreaders, street sweepers, heavy equipment, bins, roll-off containers –  together with people – field workers, cleaners, plumbers, HVAC technicians and electricians, elederly and people with cognitive disease.

Interfaceable and Multiprotocol. DOTMobile is an open platform which can be interfaced with third party software for real-time data transfer. It can integrate third party palmtop/tablet/devices/sensors normally used by workers and drivers or preferred by the customers.


Cloud based automatic data recording. DOTMobile is scalable on the basis of 25 assets and can be expanded without limits. The yearly service includes 36 months events audit trail, connectivity, maintenance and disaster recovery. DOTMobile continuously and automatically record data into the cloud without requiring additional expensive dedicated units, USB Flash drive or wasteful manual procedures.


Accurate data and analytics.  DOTMobile connects owners or feet managers with each asset and people anywhere thru Internet. It records real time data about their position, the job or alarm, the accountable person and time to bring data driven decision making to their operations and processes.

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