Containers Ecosystem

containersDOTMobile Containers Ecosystem, is the affordable solution to control, optimize utilization and replacement of roll-off containers leased/rent to construction, manufacturing companies and waste haulers, avoiding losses and maximize revenue.  

Thanks to DOTMobile you can:

Identify,  locate and track roll-off containers and trucks. It allows at any time to see your entire fleet of trucks and containers on a single map or to spot a single one. It automatically register and give visibility of when driver rolls off the container, where it went and how long it’s been out and when it returned or left to the depot.

Driver ID. Assigning a driver to a truck by a RFiD Tag is possible as well, to control access to truck and associate the activities performed by a truck with that driver for reporting purposes.

ROC App (Android). It connects drivers to their jobs and to their the office staff. They receive on the onboard navigator or palmtop, all roll-off containers details, location, best route. They start, stop or pause jobs travel start and end.

Census App (Android). Whenever it’s required to take a census of roll-off containers or other relevant objects, this application allows you to identify the item by dialing a code, or thru RFiD or thru Barcode, register its details, take a picture, and finally geo-referencing it as a POI (Point Of Interest).

Geofencing no limits. It allows you to draw endless areas of any shape and any colour on the maps, which are used to mark the passage of the truck or drivers in a specific geographic zone, to indicate POIs and to see them one on top of the other thanks to the multilayer management. Alerts can be sent upon entering and/or leaving the fenced zone if truck were taken away from work areas.

Engine start inhibition. It controls and possibly to inhibit engine start in case the truck is not returned or it is moving off-hours or if a truck is where it should not be.

Motion dectector alarm. It offers the possibility of an ultrasonic motion detector alarm should be required to receive alerts when truck is left in uncontrolled remote area.

Theft recovery. In the unfortunate event truck is stolen, you will be able to locate the truck quickly and easily. DOTMobile allows you to report the truck location to the authorities so that you can recover your truck or asset as soon as possible. You can even chase after thieves thru your mobile.

Maximize revenue. It allows equipment managers to maximize revenue with accurate rental calculation, avoiding time consuming paper-work and idle time at customer site.

Fuel and maintance saving. It allows equipment managers to reduce fuel consumption and maintenance costs by deploying more efficiently the containers and trucks fleet by monitoring their location, driving routes, stops, idle time, unauthorized usage and speeds and finally educate drivers to adopt the most efficient driving behavior and best route.

Ultrasonic fuel sensor. It allow the most accurate and reliable fuel consumption monitoring and fuel theft prevention. It can be easily installed  below tank, no need change original oil system or hole drill, or tank length measurement and avoid fuel leaking.

Alarmed tank cap. It’s also possible to check the opening of the tank cap by adotping the alarmed tank cap so to prevent fuel siphoning and ensure refueling is happening on specific places and with the proper duration.

Complete Reporting: all events, alarms, working time, break time, time loss, distance, speed, time, position, routes are continuously registered to help clients to aggregate and report data and statistics for streamlined operations, proactive maintenance to maximize the profitability of your business.  All data can also be extracted on xls, xml, txt format.