Digital Services

Users can access multiMonitoringMainCompl-functionality of DOTMobile WebPortal and App from any fixed or mobile device connected to internet to track, alarm, control proactive maintain and manage any type of asset and coordinates the efforts of people, bringing data driven decision making to their operations and processes.

Cost-effective, modular Digital Services which differs by functionalities. They are upgradeable in case additional functionalities are required at later stage.The Digital Service includes Global Multi-carrier SIM and/or Iridium SBD when specified.

  • Tracking: top performance GPS Tracking, Locate, Alarm, Track and Immobilize
  • Monitoring: configurable Multiple I/O sensor control, Dynamic Ties Control, Complete Reporting
  • Surveillance: combining the power of photo alert with intrusion activated camera
  • Pro-Active Management: proactive maintenance scheduler and assignment modules

nmea_cruscottoUltimate DOTMobile Watercraft NMEA2000 specifically designed for the marine industry to enhance on board and remote monitoring by recording any data and metrics available thru NMEA2000 network, simplify data intelligence with the innovative Visual Replay to visualize the dashboard timeline of data and events

They are available with both cost-effective yearly PLAN for continuative use or top flexible PAYperUSE for on demand use, daily, weekly or seasonal business

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