portal completoDOTMobile is the unique, modular platform which address all needs related to Tracking, Monitoring and Remote Control, Surveillance and Pro-Active Management, delivering the highest performance and features in the industry

Users can access DOTMobile WebPortal and App from any fixed or mobile device connected to Internet to coordinates the efforts of workers and using available assets efficiently and effectively, thanks to the functionalities selected by each of the specific end-to-end ecosystems. It’s extremely easy to use thanks to a multi-language, multi-chart, intuitive interface.

immagine1-cloudportal-pag3TrackingLocate and track your asset, equipment or people and their route on a single view to optimize use of the unlimited, mixed fleet, field workforce. Receive alerts if the asset or person is passing in a specific zone. Quickly report their position to the authorities for theft recovery and even immobilize them if they are not returned.

nmea_cruscottoMonitoring. Top configurable and scalable monitoring solution with Multiple, configurable I/O sensor control,  Dynamic Ties Control to extend monitoring to equipment or attachments of the main asset, configurable command and alert by remote and complete reporting and dashboard

Monitor asset to check events, alarms, fuel consumption, their historical trend and take corrective actions based on data. Monitor the performance of field staff which could lead to productivity improvements. Help families and health care facilities to monitor senior loved one or people with cognitive disease.


Pro-active ManagementShift to proactive maintenance model based on predictive analytics and data on real usage condition of engine, equipment or machinery automatically recorded from sensors and BlackBox devices. Maximize productivity and increase efficiency by assigning the asset, equipment, machinery, leveraging data collation, analytics and reporting. Reduce operational costs of managing field employees by keeping them engaged with their Jobs.