DOTMobile Watercraft Tracking

Interactive! Take control by remote for real peace of mind and improved operations

Safeguard single or unlimited, mixed fleet of seabob, jetski, pontoons, boats, yachts and people. Easier to spot swallow waters, risky areas with embedded Navionics and Marine maps. Pin&drag unlimited geofences and set speed limit.
Wire a siren or a light to the BlackBox placed onboard and DOTMobile will automatically notify the customers anytime they enter the geofences or overcome speed limit. Multi-alert: towing, geofencing, max speed and Immobilize to fasten theft recovery.


Choose the best offer

For your time-related needs

Pre-paid yearly agreement with both yearly or monthly billing
PLAN TW (Timeless Warranty)
Pre-paid yearly agreement with extended warranty on device sold free of charge
PAYperUSE for seaonal business or on demand use
The top flexible option to master the service for the season, monthly or daily by turning ON the service when required only
NO yearly agreement. NO cancellation fee


Top performance GPS Tracking

Instantly Locate, Track, Multi-alert and Immobilize

Maximise coverage with Global, Multi-Carrier SIM
Detail line and curves with Time Distance Turn GPS tracker
Pin&Drag, multi-shape, unlimited geofencing
Multi-map: Navionics, Google, OpenStreet included
Immobilizer for theft, abandonment or delayed loan payments
Multi- Alerts: towing with ignition key control, max speed, geofence, SOS, ManDown
Push Text Message, free of charge E-Mail and skype alerts to unlimited accounts

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DOTMobile Watercraft Ecosystem

For additional functionalities

DOTMobile Watercraft Tracking is part of the modular DOTMobile Ecosystem. It can be combined with other ecosystems, such as Fleet, Mobile Workforce to manage mixed asset and people in a single system, or when additional add-on modules, Monitoring and Remote Control, Surveillance and Pro-Active Management, are required

Dotando Inc. owns DOTMobile Ecosystems

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