Top configurable and scalable monitoring and remote control solution

Multiple, configurable I/O sensor control based on sensors or status to monitor. Configurable command by remote. Dynamic Ties Control to extend monitoring to equipment or attachments of the main asset. Complete Reporting and Effective Dashboard with 36 months history


On-line programming of Devices with Target and I/O details.



Fuel consumption control: provide operations managers with the fuel consumption statistics of each Yacht to optimize fuel invoicing and reduce conflicts.

Configurable command by remote: it allows users to send command to manage output (i.e. immobilizer).

Configurable alarms: Alerts can be customized according to the Input received from the device (maximum speed, bilge water, fire, smoke, air conditioning, shore power, door open, engine on, bilge water, SOS…), the vehicle or watercraft  acceleration (towing) or speed and when entering or leaving of the fenced zones or a designated area.