Plumbers, HVAC, Electrician Companies Ecosystem

plumb-hvacDOTMobile Plumbers, HVAC, Electricians Ecosystem and DOTMobile Apps, supports service companies to tackle seasonal unpredictable demand. Designed to  delight the customers with superior services, still able to increase billable hours, improve productivity by reducing operational costs of managing and dispatching jobs to field employees.

Thanks to DOTMobile you can:

Locate, track and dispatch. It allows managers to see the location of their plumbers, HVA technicians and electricians in real time and to schedule and dispatch tasks, such as inspection routines, service, on-site daily work orders to their mobile phone, based on their skills, customer and worker current location.

FieldJob App (Android). It connects plumbers, HVAC technicians and electricians to their jobs and to their the office staff. It allows your field employees to enter by remote clock in/out time, holiday, day off or special permits using their mobile phones. They receive on their GPS enabled smartphone or palmtop, all job details, location, best route. They start, stop or pause jobs, indicates status and type of job, travel start and end. Field workers can capture pictures of the product or a specific part of it, of the installation, of the job form, signature for proof of services and even geo-referencing them.

Census App (Android). Whenever it’s required to take a census of products or other relevant  items, this App allows you to identify the item by dialing a code, or thru RFiD or thru Barcode, register its details, take a picture, and finally geo-referencing it as a POI (Point Of Interest).

Geofencing no limits. It allows you to draw endless areas of any shape and any colour on the maps, which are used to mark the passage of the field workers in a specific geographic zone such as their home or customer location, to indicate POIs and to see them one on top of the other thanks to the multilayer management. Alerts can be sent upon entering and/or leaving the fenced zone.

Complete Reporting: all events, alarms, working time, break time, travel time, time loss, distance, position, routes are continuously registered to help clients to aggregate and report data and statistics for streamlined operations and to maximize the profitability of your business.  All data can also be extracted on xls, xml, txt format.

Webservices is available as well to help you easily retrieve business data for your proper analysis for informed decision-making.

DOTMobile together with FieldJob App deliver a real-time, faster and more accurate time and job tracking. Both workforce and managers can reduce conflicts over payroll amounts and waste less time with physically clocking in at a location and with paperwork. It definitively helps to maximize billing hours, with accurate time monitoring and billing data.

DOTMobile Apps functionalities can be combined with all other applications. See their specific sections to learn more.