Proa-ctive Management

nmea_cruscottoPro-active Management to finally shift to proactive maintenance model based on predictive analytics and data on real usage condition of engine, equipment or machinery automatically recorded from sensors and BlackBox devices. Maximize productivity and increase efficiency by assigning the asset, equipment, machinery, leveraging data collation, analytics and reporting. Reduce operational costs of managing field employees by keeping them engaged with their Jobs.

Pro-active Maintenance Scheduler

immagine2-cloudportal-pag3Schedule a maintenance program for any service needed, based on real usage data of engine, asset, equipment or machinery automatically collated by the BlackBox.  Send alerts to management based on service type (Oil flter, Oil change, Winterization…), kilometres/mileage interval, working hours interval, remind and report upcoming or overdue maintenance.

Assignment module. Club, Charter and Rental companies can manage Car, Vans, JetSki, Boat, Yacht, Vehicle assignment by name and time. Any event will be associated to the assigned person to reduce and manage conflicts as a consequence of improper use of your asset.

Reporting and graphs. Data can be reported and aggregated for accurate statistics and streamlined operations, by all data (target, Period, driving/traveling/working/idle/stop time, engine working hours, temperature…. and can be customized upon request.


Data Extraction: all data can also be extracted on xls, xml, txt format. Web services is available as well.

WebServices is available as well to help you easily retrieve business data for your proper analysis for informed decision-making.

Interfaceable and Multiprotocol. DOTMobile can be interfaced with third party software for real-time data transfer. DOTMobile can integrate third party palmtop/tablet/devices normally used by workers and drivers or preferred by the customer.